Information according to EU privacy data protection (GDPR).

The legal entity that is data controller is:
Stejlbjergparken 12
DK-7120 Vejle, DENMARK
Phone +45 26176600
Mail: plc@private-label-consulting.com

At P-L-C A/S we receive information about our customers and suppliers.

Our primary relationship is business-to-business, where we treat the following information in order to maintain communication in dealing with business. We keep the following information from business relationships (companies): Contact persons: Name, Email and Phone Number. Company address.

In addition, consumers are always welcome to contact us by phone and/or mail. Our contact details are available on our products.

In order to communicate with consumers, we keep the following information: Name, email and telephone number and, if necessary, postal address.

Our website does not collect personal data. Our website does not use cookies. We do not use personally sensitive information.

Information from active business relationships is kept continuously. Information from inactive business relationships is stored for up to 1 year.

Information from consumers is stored for up to 1 year. However, information from consumers is retained for 5 years if the information appears in relation to a complaint, as we must be able to document our handling of complaints.

Every year in December, our archive is reviewed for data to be deleted.

A contact has the right to request deletion of personal data at any time.

Our goal is to treat all personal information in a safe way. We do not disclose any personal information to third parties. We have chosen to subscribe to “Tryg Datatab”, so we can respond professionally to any event on breach of data security.


We have chosen to store our product master data and product photos in GS1Trade Sync, so our data is available to our trading partners when they need it. 

It creates value for the entire value chain. GS1Trade Sync optimizes the process of data exchange with trading partners, because data should only be specified in one place. In the service, there are a number of built-in validations that help ensure high data quality, and that the most relevant information is always provided for each product.