Vision & foundation

Why Private Label Consulting A/S?

Some categories in our Nordic markets are too small for private labels for the individual supermarket chain. These categories are often covered by one or few branded suppliers with high consumer prices. We have chosen to challenge this by introducing a complete range in selected product categories. In addition, we naturally also do private labels. 

We work with 4 focus areas: 

# 1 The product's quality must at least be in line with the branded product. We collaborate with few suppliers and build long-term cooperation, where we can together develop new products to an existing category.

# 2 We are looking for the best price for the consumer - given that retailers also have to make profit on our products. It is not necessarily a product's production price, which determines how expensive it appears in the retail trade. Branded products are often sold with significantly higher profits in all stages before the product reaches the consumer. We want to ensure that good quality products reach the consumer less expensive.

# 3 We will ensure that guidance to the consumer must be in accordance with the latest new legal requirements on the market. We use Danish advisors and are at the forefront of notice, cf. the latest rules in the EU. 

# 4 - We use skilled designers to make the products attractive. In our design of a product we want to create something attractive. 

Private Label Consulting A/S (also known as P-L-C A/S) is 100% owned by a private holding company and is 100% self-financed. This means, among other things, that we have no bank debt and that we finance inventory and debtors ourselves. This also means that we are able to develop new products, which we believe may make a difference in the grocery trade in the Nordic markets. 

In our development of new areas, we work "outside-in". We observe, listen and challenge existing products. Private label is still poorly described in the theoretical world. This despite the fact that private label sales today represent up to half of the grocery trade in the most developed countries and are expected to see constant growth. Part of our world is to help collect, develop and test theoretical private label theory.